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The workshop: an AGS heritage

Unique know-how

We carry out restorations and servicing/maintenance of historic racing cars. 


Thanks to efficient tools, AGS can also take care of a complete reconstruction until obtaining the Historical Technical Passport and registration in competition.​

Our achievements :

AGS JH 25 -24-23, Prost AP 02, Stewart SF1, Tyrrell 010 – 025, Williams FW04, Lotus 16, Toro Rosso 2013 F1, Gordini F1 1952, Porsche 962, Porsche 908, Ford Sierra Cosworth Gr.A, Ford Escort Mk 1 -2 Gr4, Ford Escort Cosworth GrA, Subaru Legacy Gr.A, Ford Fiesta WRC, Fiat 131 Abarth Gr4, Lancia Stratos Gr 4, Porsche RSR Gr 4…

Our services :

  • Pilot seat molding

  • Manufacture of custom rollbars to the size of the driver (GRD F3)

  • Manufacturing of custom steering column with retractable hub (ARGO Alfa coupe)

  • Manufacture and installation of fuel supply system (Fuel box, lift pump, HP pump) on F1 AGS (JH24 and JH25)

  • Design and manufacturing of electrical harness (passenger compartment, chassis, etc.) on F1 AGS (JH24 and JH25)

  • Chassis settings adjusted to the driver's weight (F1 AGS, Formula Ford, F3 GRD, GT40, LMP3, etc.)

  • Restoration with refurbishment following period specifications, based on photos and information from former GP players (mechanics, engineers, etc.) (AGS JH24 and JH25)

  • Restarting vehicles stored for a long time (Porsche 962, FR3.5 T08, etc.)

  • Exhaust line manufacturing (Formula Ford)

  • 3D scanning, computer modeling and manufacturing of complex parts (Sirocco Silhouette undercarriages, McLaren MP4-8 pedals, etc.)

  • Travel to the circuit, for private coaching with data acquisition analysis (Lédenon Crémona, Castellet, etc.)

  • AIM type radio and camera installation

  • Improved engine cooling (SPAL installation with automatic triggering on Ligier JS51)

  • Overhaul and repair of engines (V8 Cosworth DFV and DFR, V6 Alfa, etc.) and gearbox (longitudinales, transverse) 


We store your vehicles in a secure location. They will be ready for your driving sessions on the Var circuit (direct access to the track) and your competitions. Nothing could be simpler: everything happens in the same place! 

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