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One-Seater Simulator


Our simulator is a professional tool of the latest generation. We have worked on the settings to make the feeling as close as possible to reality. Adapted primarily to single-seater (historic and modern F1), it will also be suitable for Proto, GT or touring cars.


It will be available to our trainees during “F1” training courses, but also, at a supplement for our other training courses. In addition, our  simulator is available in our AGS buildings for sessions from 2 hours to 1 day, alone or in a group to allow you to progress in different areas: 

• Discovery and learning of circuits 

• Learning the settings of a car • Your car settings •

 Training before a race


It is of course also available for a day or a leisure evening with friends. Our simulator can also be transported to your facilities (minimum 3 days) for an incentive, a fair, ...


Un technicien est toujours présent pour gérer avec vous ce simulateur, avec acquisition de données et possibilités presque illimitées de réglages ?



• Tubular steel frame

• 3 screens 49 inches 

• 4 D-Box 4250i cylinders 

• Carbon seat - single-seater position 

• Simtag “Black Edition” hydraulic pedal with electric control 

• Cube Control CSX2 steering wheel or “historical” steering wheel 

• choice of: Steering wheel paddles - sequential or "H" gearbox (classic or inverted) 


• Softs: RFactor 2 - Assetto Corsa


Prices (Excluding VAT)

On the spot : 

2 hours: 400 €

½ day (4 hours): 600 € 

1 day (9h00 - 12h00 / 14h00 - 17h00): 900 € 

Options Private coaching: 600 € 


Rental (with operator): Minimum 3 days € 1,000 per day excluding travel expenses ( 1 €/km + entertainment and accommodation expenses)